10 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Beginners [Best Picks & Free]

For most of the bloggers, WordPress is the first choice when it comes to starting a blog. Because creating websites with WordPress is easy. Don’t you think so?

One of the coolest features of WordPress is the plugins. They make the WordPress platform easy to use for non-techies. There are thousands of plugins available in each category. But for a beginner, it may be confusing to choose the best plugin from a wide range of options.

In this article, we will show you the best WordPress plugins for beginners. So let’s start without delaying any further.


10 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Beginners

Must Have WordPress Plugins For Beginners

Below is a list of essential WordPress plugins for beginners. These are best free WordPress plugins but you can upgrade to their premium versions if you want.


It is true that WordPress offers a lot of wonderful plugins but installing too many of them on your WordPress site may affect its performance in a negative way. So it is better to keep a multipurpose plugin and JetPack is one of them.

JetPack comes with some wonderful built-in features like

  • Site Stats
  • Preventing malicious attacks
  • Downtime monitoring
  • Image performance
  • Publicizing content on social media
  • Sharing buttons
  • XML sitemap
  • Extra sidebar widgets
  • and much more in the paid version

Akismet Antispam

Spamming is a general problem for bloggers. If you have just started your blog or planning to start then be ready to receive a lot of spam comments.

That’s why it is better to keep an antispam plugin. Akismet is the best when it comes to protecting your site from spamming.

Akismet filters out the spam comments and contact form submissions using its global database of spam. However, it also allows you to unspam any comment if you want to do so.

It is one of the must-have WordPress plugins for beginners in order to fight spams.


Security of your site is the most important thing that you should take care of. Hackers are always looking for ways to hack into your site. In case your site gets hacked all your hard work will go into the vein.

That’s why it is better to be safe than sorry.

WordFence is a popular WordPress security plugin. It effectively protects your website from unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

Some of the main features of WordFence security are as follows

  • Firewall
  • Security Scan
  • Login security features
  • Insight into traffic and hack attempts
  • Security incident recovery tools

Here I would like to add two more great security plugins for WordPress which are Sucuri Security and All In One WP Security.

Lockdown Login

Lockdown Login is a great plugin to protect your site from brute force attack.

Brute force attack is a common hacking practice performed by hackers where hackers try to access your website by guessing or generating combinations of possible username and password.

As WordPress by default doesn’t limit the number of unsuccessful login attempts made it acts as a plus point for hackers.

With plugins like Lockdown Login, we can limit the invalid login attempts made on our website. It will block the range of IP addresses for a certain period of predefined time if more than the allowed number of unsuccessful login attempts are made.


We may take all the security measures needed to protect our sites but we can never guarantee that our website is 100% secure. Hackers are looking for the tiniest vulnerability to penetrate into our websites.

That’s why it is better to keep a complete backup of your website so that in case your site gets hacked you won’t lose all your hard work.

This is where Updraft comes in.

Updraft is a plugin which creates a regular backup of your site and stores it in a remote space. It makes backing up and restoring process really easy for a beginner.

Updraft also allows you to set up automatic backup schedules so that you don’t have to worry about doing it manually.

W3 Total Cache

After the security of a website, the next important thing is its performance. A website’s performance affects things like SEO and user experience. So it’s important to tweak your site in order to get higher performance.

When it comes to site’s performance speed is one of the important factors we can’t ignore. Users always prefer a fast loading website to a slow loading one.

W3 Total Cache increases your website’s loading speed by using features like Content Delivery Network(CDN) integration. It also caches the pages, posts, CSS, javascript, feeds etc.. in memory or disk or CDN which improves the loading speed remarkably.

Tips: Choose and set up a Content Delivery Network and then integrate it with the W3 Total Cache plugin.

WP Smush

The size of the images used in a website is also a deciding factor for the website’s loading speed. The higher the images size the slower the website loading speed.

So in order to increase the website loading speed, we need to compress the images without compromising on the quality.

WP Smush does the work very effectively. You just need to activate it and it will take care of everything else. It cuts the unnecessary data and reduces the size of an image without reducing the quality of the image.

Yoast SEO

After publishing a website we need to rank it on major search engines like google and bing in order to drive traffic to it. For this, we need to do search engine optimization.

When it comes to SEO, the first thing we need to do is on-page SEO and no plugin does it better than Yoast SEO.

Yoast SEO takes care of all of your on-page SEO work by providing some actionable tips. Just follow the tips provided by Yoast SEO and 90% of your on-page SEO will be taken care of.

It also does a readability analysis and gives you the tips to make your website more engaging.

It is one of the best WordPress plugins for beginners to improve search engine performance.

Social Warfare

Social sharing is important to boost your traffic. Social Warfare is a social sharing plugin which provides one-click social sharing buttons for your readers.

I think it is the best social sharing plugin out there. It provides three different locations to put the desired social sharing buttons.

It also comes with a really cool feature called click to tweet which enables your readers to tweet about your blog post with a single click.

&url=https://www.techapogee.com/wordpress-plugins-beginners/" data-link="https://twitter.com/share?text=Best+WordPress+plugins+for+beginners.&via=">&url=https://www.techapogee.com/wordpress-plugins-beginners/" rel="nofollow noreferrer noopener" target="_blank">This is an example of Click to Tweet by Social WarfareClick To Tweet

Contact Form 7

If your readers ever want to contact you privately then they need a contact form to do so. However, they can contact you directly through email but a contact form makes it easy for them.

As WordPress doesn’t have a default contact form we need to install a contact form plugin.

Contact Form 7 is the most popular contact form plugin out there. It is simple yet beautiful, works best if you want a professional look. It also supports spam-filtering with Akismet which makes it difficult for spammers to spam.

Here I would like to add WP Forms as an alternative. It is also a nice contact form plugin with features like drag and drop form builder. Check it out if you want.


That’s it! This was my list of best WordPress plugins for beginners.

There are a lot of other cool WordPress plugins but here I have added only those plugins which are necessary for every WordPress user in general. If you need any other plugin for a specific task then you can install them after doing some research about them.

I hope this article was helpful to you.

please comment below or contact me directly if you think I have missed any plugin or if you have any question regarding this topic. I will try my best to answer all your questions.

If this article was helpful to you then don’t hesitate to help someone else by sharing it with them.

Thank You.

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10 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Beginners [Best Picks & Free]

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