Why Start a Blog? 7 Reasons to start a Blog in 2018

I am not a writer neither a pro-blogger. When I started blogging, I was curious about it, just because someone told me that I can make money from blogging and it all started just as an experiment.

At that time I had no reason to start a blog other than making money, but when I published my first blog post and got good responses from my readers, I discovered many more valuable reasons to keep blogging.

Reasons to Start a Blog


Reasons to Start a Blog in 2018

Following are some of the reasons to start a blog today

It helps you express yourself

Whether you are an extrovert who loves to share his thoughts, connect to new people, make new friends or an introvert who has millions of thoughts in his mind but doesn’t feel comfortable to share them directly with others; blogging makes it easier for both of you to express yourself.

Growing your business with a blog

Business websites are static contents which don’t help your customers to stay up to date about your product or services. Starting a blog about your business lets people know more about you and your product. As I heard somewhere

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It is damn true. People will buy your products only if they trust you, and blogging is a great way to make that happen. It also increases your online visibility and brand awareness.  Researches show that business with a blog performs better than a business without a blog. Read out this article to know more about the benefits of blogging on a business.

Inspiring others

Blogging helps you reach millions of people online. It feels great if you can add value to people’s lives in any way possible. Believe me! You will feel happier in inspiring others than making money. If you are one of those people who find pleasure in helping others then blogging is for you.

Solving other’s problems

Millions of people search for solutions to their problem online. It may be health, relationship, finance, technology or any other topic, just name it, people face difficulties in some way or other. If you are an expert on any topic and willing to solve other’s problems then there are thousands of readers waiting to read your blog.

Raising voice against social issues

If the growing social issues like violence, intolerance, discrimination etc bother you but you can’t find the right platform to reach out to people then start a blog today. You can touch thousands of people’s lives through your blog. Forget about thousands, if you can create the awareness even in a single person’s life then I will consider you successful. Don’t wait. start today.

Gaining Knowledge

You can’t be successful in blogging if you don’t gain more and more knowledge in your field. What matters most is the content of your blog. Your content will stand out from others if you have the right knowledge about it. So you will be bound to read more and more about your niche, which will eventually make you a master.

Making Money

It’s a reason to start a blog, but if you don’t have any other reason which motivates you to keep blogging then there is a little possibility that you will succeed. There is no doubt that you can make a good amount of money from blogging but it requires patience. It’s not a good idea to start a blog just to make some quick bucks. Keep blogging and as you progress in your journey, you will eventually learn to make money out of it.

Following are some of the things you will gain in your blogging journey

  1. You will become disciplined
  2. you will become a good writer
  3. It helps you meet new people
  4. You will become confident
  5. It makes you happy
  6. you will become creative

These were some of the reasons I think you should start a blog today. I hope this article was helpful to you. If you like this post then don’t forget to help others by sharing it with them.

If you have any suggestions about this article then feel free to contact me. I would be glad to hear from you. Thanks.

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Why Start a Blog? 7 Reasons to start a Blog in 2018

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