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The Ultimate Blog Post Checklist: 25 Things to Do Before Publishing a Blog Post

Blog post checklist featured image

For a new and inexperienced blogger, blogging can be so much confusion. Isn’t it? When I published my first blog post, I was so confused about the things to do and not to do that I was hoping for someone to

Ways to speed up a website: Make a Website Load Lightning Fast

Make a website load fast

When I visit a website, I leave that website immediately if it takes more than 3-4 seconds to load. Do you do the same too? If I do that, then, I am sure most of your visitors will be doing

How to Set Up Pinterest Rich Pins on WordPress

Set Up Pinterest Rich Pins for WordPress

SEO takes a lot of time to work, and you need a massive follower base to gain traffic from social media. These two are not for you if you want quick results. So the only thing left for you is

Shortcuts in Blogging: Why You Should Not Take Them

Shortcuts in Blogging

Everybody wants to be on the top results of Google, as soon as possible. I am sure you can do it, but don’t you think it needs patience? As a new blogger, it is often enticing to take shortcuts to attract