Shortcuts in Blogging: Why You Should Not Take Them

Everybody wants to be on the top results of Google, as soon as possible. I am sure you can do it, but don’t you think it needs patience? As a new blogger, it is often enticing to take shortcuts to attract more traffic or followers to your blog or to improve your search engine rankings. Surprisingly, you might get results but it won’t last long.

I think using shortcuts in blogging harms your blog more than it helps. Let me tell you, what type of shortcuts new bloggers generally use and why you should avoid them.

Shortcuts in blogging

Why you should not take the following shortcuts in blogging

Copying Other’s Content

I have often seen bloggers copying other’s content. whether the content is fully or partly copied, it lacks originality. You can build a connection with your readers only through your writings. I believe it is the best way to gain loyal readers.

In order to do so, your writings need to be original. I am not talking about an excellent piece of content here. You don’t necessarily need to be an excellent writer to become a successful blogger. But you need to express your own thoughts to build authority in the blogging industry.

Reading other blogs to gain knowledge is perfectly fine. Up to some extent, it is necessary too. Read them, analyze them and then express your own thoughts.

Check out this article if you want to know how copying someone else was Allison’s biggest mistake.

Buying Backlinks

There are many sites or people who sell backlinks. As a new blogger people often buy them too. In my opinion, it is completely unnecessary.

No doubt that you will get thousands of new backlinks to your blog. But the question is, Are they relevant to your blog? I mean, if your blog is about food and it is getting backlinks from history blogs or political blogs than Google will not consider them as quality backlinks.

One quality backlink is better than a thousand crappy backlinks. Initially, they might give a boost to your search engine rankings but in the long run, they are going to harm your search engine ranking.

And 99% of the time these backlinks are from non-reputed websites or directories. So don’t spend money just to harm your blog. Instead, build high-quality backlinks on your own. Here is a great post about high-quality backlinks.

Irrelevant Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is one of the most important activities for a blogger. Blog commenting doesn’t give you a juicy do-follow backlink but it certainly increases your presence in the blogging community. It helps you build a stronger relationship with your fellow bloggers, which is quite necessary.

But instead of adding value to the blog they are commenting on, people often post an irrelevant comment which has nothing to do with the content of that blog, just to add a link to their own blog, hoping that they will get enough exposure through a dead link.

let me tell you, a dead link will not bring you to the limelight but your mastery over a certain subject and your unique solutions to people’s problems definitely will.

Follow For a Follow on Social Media

Nowadays it has become a trend in social media to follow for a follow. You will find a lot of thread where people will follow you if you follow them. You can get lots of followers this way but Are they your real followers? Aren’t they mere numbers on your follower list?

If you agree with me then don’t force someone to follow you. Just share your blog with people and let them decide whether they want to follow you or not. It’s fantastic if people follow you, else work harder on yourself and your blog.


Blogging needs hard work and patience. Using these shortcuts for quick success will lead you nowhere. I think to become a successful blogger you don’t need shortcuts. What you need is smart work(which is way different than shortcuts). Please let me know what do you think in the comment section below.

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Shortcuts in Blogging: Why You Should Not Take Them

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