How to Set Up Pinterest Rich Pins on WordPress

SEO takes a lot of time to work, and you need a massive follower base to gain traffic from social media.

These two are not for you if you want quick results.

So the only thing left for you is Pinterest.

(Remember: You do need to put time and effort in order to succeed on Pinterest, but it gives quicker result in comparison to SEO and Social Media)

I love Pinterest.

It is made in such a way that You don’t need a large number of followers to gain a good amount of traffic from it.

To enhance your pin’s quality, they have a free feature called Rich Pins.

So let’s see what Rich Pins are and How to set them up.

How to Set Up Pinterest Rich Pins for WordPress

What are Pinterest Rich Pins?

Pinterest Rich Pins are a free product provided by Pinterest to enhance your pin’s quality.

They fetch extra information such as post title, post description, product description etc. directly from your blog post and show them along with your pins.

They help your reader understand your pin better as they provide more context to your pin.

There are four types of rich pins, which are Article Pins, Product Pins, Recipe Pins and App Pins (Right now available only for iOS apps).

How to Setup Pinterest Rich Pins on WordPress

Setting up Pinterest Rich Pins on WordPress is quite easy and quick.

It Involves two steps

  1. Markup your content with meta tags
  2. Validate your URL and Apply for rich pins

Markup your content with meta tags

Don’t get afraid! By reading the heading. It’s easy.

You can markup your content manually by using or Open Graph, but they are a bit technical and complicated for a non-techie.

On the other hand, you can use the Yoast SEO plugin to add meta tags to your content, which is quite easy.

I recommend using Yoast plugin to markup your content. Follow the steps below to do it.

Step-1: Install & activate Yoast SEO plugin.

Step-2: From your WordPress Go to SEO > Social > Facebook

Step-3: Enable the add Open Graph meta data (In case it is not enabled by default)

Enable meta data using Yoast

Pinterest also uses Open Graph metadata just like Facebook, so if you have enabled it for Facebook, then you don’t need to do it for Pinterest separately. Pinterest will use the same metadata for rich pins.

Validate Your URL and apply for Rich Pins

Follow the steps below to validate your Rich Pins.

Step-1: Click on this link to go to Pinterest Rich Pins Validator

Step-2: Enter any of your post’s URL (Not Home Page) in the box saying “Enter a valid URL.”

Step-3: Click on the validate button

Rich Pins Validator

You will get confirmation shortly after from Pinterest regarding the approval of your Rich Pins.

It usually takes one hour before your Rich Pins start appearing in your Pinterest account.

Note: You need to validate only one URL from your blog, and the rest will be added automatically by Pinterest.

I am sure you will not face any difficulties by using this method but in case you face any problem, you can visit Pinterest support centre here, or you can contact their support team directly.

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How to Set Up Pinterest Rich Pins on WordPress

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