How to increase blog traffic: Drive an Insane Amount of Traffic to Your Blog

I can imagine the effort you have put in building your blog and writing content for it.

And I know the hard work that goes into creating amazing content.

But there is no way your hard work will pay off if there is zero or little traffic on your blog.

The struggle beginner bloggers go through to increase blog traffic is huge.

Driving a good amount of traffic to your blog is not easy but the good news is, it’s not that difficult if you are doing everything correctly.

You just don’t know how to do it.

Don’t Worry!

In this article, I will show you 25 ways to drive an insane amount of traffic to your blog/website.

Increase blog traffic

Increase Blog Traffic by Tweaking Your Content

Repurpose Your Content

If you publish your content only in one place i.e your blog then people can find your content only by visiting your blog.

What if your target audience like other forms of content and dwell on other platforms.

What if they like Videos, Podcasts, eBooks etc. more than reading blogs.

You never know.

So give it a try and create content in different formats.

Let us look at some of the ways to repurpose your content.

  • Make a video out of your blog post and publish it on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

The popularity of video content is growing rapidly so it is the right time to build authority in that field.

  • Create an eBook and publish it to e-book stores like Amazon Kindle.
  • Make an infographic out of your blog post and share it on Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc.
  • Turn your blog post into a podcast and publish it on different podcast hosting platforms.
  • Turn your blog post into a PowerPoint slide and publish it on Slideshare.
  • Republish your entire blog post on Medium and share it on different social media.                 

By repurposing your content you will create followers base in different platforms and drive traffic from those platforms.

Don’t forget to link to your blog/blog post while you repurpose your content so that it will be easier for people to find your blog.

Update Old Blog Posts

Search engines don’t like outdated content neither do humans.

Updating your content regularly gives a boost to your search engine rankings and hence drives more traffic to your blog.

Find your old blog posts and remove things that are no more relevant for the point in time and add some fresh content accordingly.

Read this post to find out how Brian Dean used this technique to boost his traffic by 260.7%.

Write Trending Content

Writing on trending topics is a great way to get some good amount of visitors to your blog. Although a sudden surge in trend eventually goes down in most of the cases still, it’s a good tactic to use.

Trending topics get more views and social share because of the growing popularity so, why not to take advantage of it?

Use Google Trends to analyze trending topics in different locations and write a thorough post about it.

Then promote it on different social media platform and watch your traffic grow.

Interlink Your Blog posts

Interlinking your content helps your visitors discover your blog posts easily and as a result, they stay longer on your blog and eventually views on your blog increases.

Internal links also lower your bounce rate which in fact improves your search engine rankings and as a consequence, you get more traffic to your blog.

Tip 1: Don’t try to insert links when they don’t fit within the context of your post as it hampers your blog performance.

Tip 2: Try to use your target keyword or LSI keywords for which you want your post to be ranked as it is a good SEO measure.

Make Your Content Sharable

Promoting your content by yourself is awesome but how about your content promoting itself?

Wouldn’t it be great?

But, How?

The answer is, make your content share-worthy. 

Here are some quick tips to make your content sharable.

Tip 1: Write long in-depth content. I mean really long. According to a study by BuzzSumo long content gets 200% more share than short content.

Tip 2: Include facts and statistics in your post.

Tip 3: Add some images/videos to your blog post.

Tip 4: Make it easily sharable by adding Social Sharing Buttons. Use Social Warfare plugin for this. It’s amazing.  

Tip 5: Experiment with your social sharing buttons and keep only 2-3 buttons that perform better.

Tip 6: Write a call to action copy at the end of your blog post to remind your viewers to share it.

Use Click to Tweet Buttons

If you don’t already know Click to Tweet buttons are links within your blog post which let your readers tweet your blog post with a single click.

You can customize the tweet and hashtags by yourself and the prewritten tweet will be tweeted every time someone chooses to tweet your blog post using the Click to Tweet button.

You can use the click to Tweet feature available in the Social Warfare plugin or you can head over to to create a customized Click to Tweet link and use that link in your blog post.

Write Irresistible Titles

Your blog title decides your click-through rate and your click-through rate decides the amount of traffic you get.

You might have written an amazing piece of content but if your title doesn’t appeal to your visitors then nobody is going to look what’s inside.

Apart from that, a good click-through rate increases your search engine rankings and as a result, you get more visitors to your blog.

Here are some quick tips to write appealing blog titles:-

  • Include words like Definitive, Ultimate, Free, Guide, Skyrocket etc. in your blog titles
  • Use numbers when possible
  • Use brackets
  • Don’t make it too long or too short.

Co-Schedule provides an awesome free headline analyzer which you can use to see if your title is good enough.

Increase Traffic to Your Blog by Connecting With Other Bloggers

You can’t do everything alone.

The sooner you admit it the better it is for you.

One thing I love about the blogging community is that it is the most friendly community I have ever seen. Everybody here is willing to help you.

This profession is made that way only. If you are not willing to help someone then mark my word; You will fail.

So, help people and let them help you. This way you both will grow simultaneously.

Let’s see how to do that:

Increase traffic by connecting with other bloggers

Accept Guest Blogging

People are willing to write genuinely good articles for your blog.

Let them write for your blog and in return, your blog will get exposure as they share that guest post with their followers.

Some of their followers might like the content you have shared in your blog and become a loyal follower.

Just keep in mind that you only accept guest posts that you genuinely think are helpful for your readers.

Have a page like “Write for Us” or “Accepting Guest Posts” dedicated for accepting guest posts and write down the things you look for in a good guest post there.

Keep the following things in mind before accepting a guest post:-

  • The article must be unique
  • Should be Grammatically correct
  • It should be of good length (at least 1000 words)
  • Should be well organized with proper headings
  • It Should be Search Engine Optimized

Guest Post on Other Blogs

Most of the bloggers write guest posts for the sole purpose of building backlinks.

There is nothing wrong in writing guest posts for backlinks but along with backlinks, it has some other important benefits like exposure, a chance to show your expertise and gain some loyal followers.

We should keep the above things in mind while writing a guest post and try to make it as deserving as possible.

I hope you can imagine the exposure (and as a result, traffic) you will get if your article gets posted in an authority blog.

Interview Influencers in Your Niche

Interviewing influencers is a great way to boost the traffic to your blog because people love to know the success story of someone they admire.

Use it in your favour.

And to our advantage, successful people(well! most of them) love to be interviewed and share their success story with other people.

Just ask them politely and they will never say no to you.

After publishing the interview just share it with them but don’t desperately ask them to further share it with their followers. If they consider your article to be good enough they will definitely share it.

Increase blog traffic by interviewing influencers

Create Roundup Post

Roundup posts are similar to interview posts but here you seek answers or opinion on a particular question or topic in your niche.

Identify a problem that people in your niche often face and ask for solutions to the experts in your niche.

Send them a polite e-mail asking for their take on a particular problem and let them know that you are going to publish their answer in your roundup post.

The larger the list the better the post will be.

Share your post with them after publishing it and they will share it if they find it useful for their readers.

Pro Tip: In both the above cases don’t be too pushy or annoying. Just inform them and let them decide what they want to do.

Help a Reporter Out

As it gives a huge exposure, people spend lots of money to get media coverage or get advertised on a media platform.

But the good news is, there is a free way to do it.


Become a source for reporters.

There are websites like HARO and SourceBottle which act as means for bloggers to connect with a reporter totally free of cost.

In these websites, reporters publish their query which you can contribute an answer to as a source and if your answer is helpful to the reporter then you will get further interviewed and quoted as an expert.

Apart from driving traffic to your blog, you will get a free high-quality backlink to your blog.

Boost Traffic to Your Blog by Promoting Your Content

For a new blogger manually promoting his content is the fastest way to drive some real traffic to a blog.

In comparison to other methods of gaining traffic, this method takes less time and effort.

Following are a few ways to promote your content.

Credit: Freepik

Promote Your Content on Social Media

Social Media usage has significantly increased nowadays. There are over Two billion Facebook user and 260 million Twitter users.

We can use these platform to reach out to millions of people every day. Social Media has got the potential, the only thing that decides our success here is how we use it.

Here are some tips to use different Social Media for traffic:-


  • Create a Facebook page and post quality content there to gain followers.
  • Find and join different Facebook groups in your niche.
  • Stay active, interact with people, make connections in your group.


  • Twitter moves very fast so make sure you tweet several times in a day.
  • Use relevant hashtags in your post.
  • Use relevant and scaled images in your posts because tweets with images in them perform better.
  • Tweet at peak times.


Instagram is growing rapidly and currently, it has over one billion users.

People are using Instagram to grow their business and so can you. Here are some quick tips.

  • Be creative.
  • Use awesome photos and videos.
  • Do your hashtag research.
  • Use Instagram stories.
  • Engage with people.
  • Take advantage of cross-promotion.


I think LinkedIn is for professionals and business owners and doesn’t help a beginner much.

I don’t use LinkedIn that much so I don’t exactly know how it works but if you want to use it then here is a good article to get you started.

There are other Social Media platforms like Google Plus and Tumblr you can use if you want.

ProTip: Don’t try to master every Social Media platform at a time. Stick to one or two that works best for you and do your best to grow it.

Take Advantages of Youtube

The popularity of video content is growing like crazy because videos are engaging and nowadays there are almost all types of content available in video format.

Thanks to YouTube. 

No doubt Youtube has become the second biggest search engine in the world.

There are over 30 million daily active Youtube users. Isn’t that huge?

Even if you drive 0.1% of the daily Youtube users to your blog you will get 30,000 visitors per day to your blog.

So, why not take advantage of it?

Use Pinterest to Drive a Huge Amount of Traffic to Your Blog

Pinterest is underrated.

I can not emphasize more on using Pinterest.

By far it is the best traffic source for beginners I have found. 

If you are not using Pinterest then you are simply losing some easy and quick traffic to your blog.

Unlike Tweet or Facebook posts, a Pinterest pin can drive traffic to your blog for months or even for years.

But the best part about Pinterest is that it sends targeted visitors those are ready to buy from you.

So, with Pinterest, you not only get easy traffic but also sales.

Use pinterest to drive traffic

Credit: Freepik

Answer Questions on Quora

Platforms like Quora, even Forums (we will talk about it later) are not for people who are looking for some quick traffic.

But they are worth your effort.

Because once you have established yourself as an expert in your niche you will eventually get some good amount of traffic and genuine followers to your blog.

Try your best to solve the problems through your answers and it will definitely pay off in the long run.

Stay Active on Different Forums in Your Niche

As I said earlier, forums are not for people who want quick results.

To reap the benefits of Forums you need to build authority first.

Google some good forums in your niche and stay active there. Connect with new people and try your best to help people.

Just remember that you can’t be active on all of them at a time, so choose the best one and put all your effort there.

Reddit is a good place to start.

Build Your Email List From the Beginning

Email marketing is the best way to drive targeted traffic who trust you and are ready to buy from you.

New bloggers often think that they need to be on a certain level to start building their email list.

It’s not true. So, don’t make this mistake.

Build your email list from the very beginning.

Create some awesome freebies and great looking opt-in forms to collect emails from your visitors.

Use OptinMonster for high-quality opt-in forms.

You can use email marketing tools like GetResponse or ConvertKit to send emails to your list.

Build email list to increase traffic

Advertise Your Blog to Drive Traffic

You can drive quick traffic to your blog by advertising it on different platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram and other blogs in your niche.

Although you can drive a significant amount of traffic by doing paid advertisement I don’t recommend it to a new blogger.

Because of two major reasons:

  • It costs you money, while you can get traffic to your blog totally free of cost.
  • Unlike organic traffic, it is not consistent which means the moment you stop advertising, traffic to your blog will drop.

Comment on Other Blogs

Blog commenting is a good way to connect with other bloggers.

Make it a habit to comment on other blogs in your niche when you find some useful content.

Leave a link to your blog so that people can find you if they find your comment interesting.

Keep in mind that you don’t comment on any blog just to leave a link to your blog. 

Comment only when you find something interesting or useful and make sure your comment adds value to their blog.

Host Giveaway Contests

People host giveaway contests to drive traffic or achieve certain goals, where they give away something for free to their contestants.

You can use it to drive traffic, build your email list, get social shares, increase comments on your blog, increase social media following etc.

Although people use it to achieve certain goals I hardly recommend it because people follow you, comment on your blog, share your blog or opt-in for your emails just to win the contest not because they genuinely like your content.

However, you can try it if you want to.

Use Push Notifications

I find push notifications very useful because it lets you send notifications to your readers even if they don’t opt-in for your emails.

They just need to allow notifications from you on their browser and every time you send a notification about your latest activity they get notified. 

You can use platforms like PushEngage or OneSignal for setting up push notification for your website.

Create Infographics

Do you know that infographics are shared and liked on social media 3 times more than any other form of content?

And according to OneSpot, It can increase your traffic by 12%.

You can use tools like Pictochart and Canva to create eye-catching infographics.

SEO Your Blog to Increase Traffic

Although Search Engine Optimization is the best way to increase blog traffic I chose to keep it at the end because it’s not something you can achieve overnight.

It takes time and dedication.

But once you have mastered it then it will become your biggest traffic source.

SEO is not something you do separately because almost every task you perform affects it.

For a new blogger who doesn’t know anything about SEO, I would advise thinking of it as a measure of user satisfaction. 

Apart from the technical aspect of SEO, it’s all about your blog’s capability to provide a good user experience and a suitable solution to their query.

SEO is a vast topic and it’s not possible to cover everything in this blog post.

But if you want to learn SEO then you can read this awesome article by Brian Dean.

Use SEO to increase traffic

Target Long Tail Keywords

The internet has become too competitive.

There are plenty of good articles on short keywords and it is extremely difficult for a new blogger to rank for those keywords.

So, instead of targeting short and highly competitive keywords what you can do is to target long tail keywords which are less competitive and easy to rank for.

Use any good keyword tool like Long Tail Pro, SemRush, Ahrefs, KWFinder(Free) to find long tail keywords in your niche and write blog posts based on those keywords.

Using long tail keywords will definitely boost your search engine rankings and as a result, traffic to your blog.


Use all of the above techniques one by one to boost your blog traffic and let me know the results you get.

I have covered most of the ways to increase blog traffic in this blog post but there is no limit to new ideas and new techniques.

I am working on discovering other useful ways to drive traffic to a blog and I will let you know once I find them.

If you know other ways to increase traffic to a blog then please comment them below and I will try to include them in this blog post.

If you think this is a useful post then don’t forget to share it with your friends.


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