How to Set Up Pinterest Rich Pins on WordPress

Set Up Pinterest Rich Pins for WordPress

SEO takes a lot of time to work, and you need a massive follower base to gain traffic from social media. These two are not for you if you want quick results. So the only thing left for you is

10 Must Have WordPress Plugins For Beginners [Best Picks & Free]


For most of the bloggers, WordPress is the first choice when it comes to starting a blog. Because creating websites with WordPress¬†is easy. Don’t you think so? One of the coolest features of WordPress is the plugins. They make the

Things To Do After Installing WordPress [20 Essential Settings]

Things to do after installing wordpress

Installed WordPress! now what?? It can be a chaotic question for a novice blogger. When I installed WordPress for the first time, I was totally confused about the next thing to do. In this article, I will save you from