26 Smart Ways to Get Killer Blog Post Ideas [Consistently]

Have you ever faced that situation where you sit down to blog, and your mind gets completely blank? Moreover, even after trying hard, you cannot come up with a good blog post idea to write about.

If not, believe me, you will experience that at some point in time.

Don’t worry. It cannot stop you from writing great blog posts.

It happens to all the bloggers.

Sometimes, I feel like all the topics have already been covered up, or I just can’t find a suitable blog topic to write about.

If you ever face a situation like this then use any of these(or all) following ways to come up with brainstorming blog post ideas.

Ways to Get Blog Post Ideas

26 Smart Ways to Get Killer Blog Post Ideas

Go Through Your Old Articles

Your old blog posts themselves are excellent for coming up with new blog post ideas. They already contain ample keywords/phrases related to your niche.

Just go through them, and you will undoubtedly find lots of phrases which can be turned into a separate blog post.

An advantage of this method is that you can link your new blog post to that particular keyword/phrase found in your old article.

Use Outbound Links

If you are like most of the bloggers, then you must have linked to informational or interesting articles from another blog.

Find those articles. Read them, and if you find those articles to be something you can write about then write a new blog post around that topic.

Then link your new post to your old post which in turn will boost your on-page SEO.

Write Old Blog Posts From a Different Angle

If you have written blog posts like “Reasons to Start a Blog” or “Things to Do After Installing WordPress” then you can give them a new spin and write blog posts like “What Should Not Be Your Reasons to Start a Blog” or “Never Do These Things After Installing WordPress” or something like that.

In my opinion, this method should be your last resort. Because frequent use of this method makes your blog revolve around similar topics.

Go Into Detail About Subheadings

If you carefully look into your blog posts, then you will find that your subheadings can be turned into separate blog posts.

Just choose an appropriate subheading from your old blog posts and write an in-depth article about that topic.

Expand a Short List

Listicles are growing in popularity nowadays. You might already have published a few of them.

Find them and write a detailed blog post around a particular topic on your list.

For example, I had written a blog post titled “10 Must Have WordPress Plugins for Beginners” where I had published a list of useful WordPress plugins for beginners.

Now I can write separate blog posts about those plugins explaining how to use them, their advantages, their disadvantages, etc…

Send an E-mail Campaign

When you’re short of blog post ideas, just send an e-mail to your subscribers asking them about the difficulties they are facing or what are the topics they want you to cover?

Believe me; you will get a ton of blog post ideas just from a single e-mail.

However, you can set up periodical e-mail campaigns to keep the ideas flowing.

Pick up the most asked question or the suggestions you find interesting and write a detailed blog post around that.

Ask Your Customer Support Team

If you sell own products and have a customer support team, then they certainly can help you generate hundreds of blog post ideas.

Because they are constantly in contact with your customers and exactly know the issues, your customers are facing.

Ask them about the problems your customers are facing and write blog posts dedicated to those problems.

Read Comments

Commenting is the primary way for your readers to interact with you and among themselves. They often express their views and ask questions by commenting on your blog.

By reading comments on your blog, you will come to know about the genuine issues your readers are facing. You may also find great suggestions there.

Just gather all of them and write blog posts around those ideas.

As well as, read comments on other blogs on your niche to get more blog topic ideas.

Check Out Forums and Q&A Sites

Forums and Q&A sites are great places to look for interesting blog topics. Here people actively take part in discussions and ask questions about their problems.

You can solve their problems by writing blog posts centering those problems.

There are many forums/discussion boards and Q&A sites available such as Reddit, Warrior Forum, Quora, etc.

If you want to find forums/discussion boards specific to your niche google “Your niche” + “Forums.”

Check Out Other Blogs

Check out other blogs in your niche to find out topics to write on. I am not suggesting here to plagiarise their work. You should never do that.

Other blogs on your niche can be a great inspiration for you. You might get an idea about your next blog topic.

If you find a post on their blog that you think is missing something, then you can write on that topic by covering the missing part.

Google Trends

Google Trends is an excellent tool. It shows you the topics trending over a specific period all over the world or over a particular geographical location.

Using it, you can come up with lots of unique blog post ideas those are popular and have a very high search volume.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

Hubspot’s Blog Idea Generator is a free, automated blog post ideas generator.

Enter upto five keywords, and it will generate hundreds of blog post ideas.

Just like any other automated topic generator, it is also imperfect, but you can always get hints to new blog topics.

Google Suggestions

Google gives you more hints than you can think of. When you search for a keyword/phrase in Google, it gives you suggestions around your keyword/phrase.

It suggests you keywords that people are actually searching for on a daily basis.

Pay attention to those suggestions, as those can be turned into interesting blog posts.

People Also Ask

When you search something on Google, it gives you suggestions about what other people also ask for in its “People Also Ask” section.

It suggests you 5-6 genuine questions around your keyword that people actually search in Google.

Take advantage of it.

Those suggested questions can be turned into topics to write on.

It is an excellent option for you if you write “How to” or other question-based blog posts.

Google’s Related Search

At the bottom of a Google search, you can see searches related to the searched keyword.

Here Google suggests you that people are also searching for those keywords or phrases.

They can be your next topic to write on.

Social Media

Social Media Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. are hubs for unique blog post ideas.

Interact with your followers/subscribers to know about the difficulties they are facing and try to solve them.

People publish excellent articles on these platforms, read their posts, and you will get inspiration for your next blog post.

Use BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is an excellent tool for bloggers to track social media activities.

It shows you the most popular blog posts in different social media.

Using Buzzsumo, you will get popular blog post ideas that influencers love to share.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the services provide answers to frequently asked questions on their website, but the problem is they are not in-depth.

Use other website’s FAQs and write detailed answers to those questions.

You will also get lots of frequently asked questions in their comment section or discussion forums. Turn those questions into your next blog post idea.

Use Amazon

Amazon can be very helpful in finding some of the best blog post ideas.

Go to the Amazon’s e-book section and search for books related to your niche.

Amazon’s look inside feature lets you see a preview of e-books, use this feature to look into the table of contents of an e-book.

Every topic in that table of contents can be a unique blog post idea.

Interview Experts

Interview an expert in your niche, and ask them about their take on different issues related to your niche, about their success, or anything you find suitable.

Write a blog post around that interview and publish it.

You can also interview more than one expert about a problem in your niche and ask them for solutions and create a blog post around their answers to that problem.

Test and Review New Tools and Services

Nowadays there are thousands of tools and services available on the internet. Which is great, but it is difficult to pick out the best one.

People are confused about which tools or services are best for them.

Help them out.

Use different tools or services by yourself and write a genuine review about those.

Compare Related Tools and Services

More than one tools or services can be equally useful. Comparing them among themselves gives people a clear idea about the minute differences.

Compare related tools and services and make it your next blog topic.

Accept Guest Blogging

Bloggers are looking for guest posting opportunities to build links to their blogs. Take advantage of that.

Let others write for your blog.

Accept guest posts related to your niche, but remember to accept article those match the standard of your blog.

Do a Case Study

Doing a case study is one of the best ways to give your readers practical knowledge about a specific topic or product.

It can be a great blog post idea as very few bloggers are publishing case studies.

You can perform a case study around a particular tool, service or method and publish it as your next blog post.

Teach People What You’ve Learned

In your blogging journey, you will learn a lot of valuable lessons. Along with how to become a successful blogger, blogging also teaches you how to manage your life successfully.

Teach people all those things you have learned during your blogging journey.

Maintain a Notebook

Ideas don’t always come to you at suitable times. You never know when a blog post idea will strike your mind.

That’s why keep a notebook around you. An online notebook is the best, as you can access it anytime anywhere.

Evernote is an excellent option; you may try it if you want. They also have apps for platforms like Windows, iOS, and Android.

That’s all for now. I will add more ways to get blog post ideas once I discover them. These are the ways I personally use to generate blog post ideas for my blog.

I hope it was helpful to you. It will be beneficial for me if you share this post.

Let me know if you use any other method to generate excellent blog post ideas in the comment section.


26 Smart Ways to Get Killer Blog Post Ideas [Consistently]

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